How to be Check the Election Commission Result via App and Website

Process of the Chaking election result online :

The results of the 2019 elections commission can be declare tomorrow .This all phase elections commission came end on the last phase of the elections ended. There are a number of lot of ways to check the election results. The election results can be checked on the NDTV website and NDTV app on Google and social media. The counting of the votes will begin morning.

Check election results on app :

There are now available two versions of the NDTV app. The first is the regular app and the second is NDTV Lite. If you are on a low-end phone and wish you save data, you can use NDTV Lite to track election results on the go.

Visiting the NDTV website, you can download the NDTV app on all mobile platforms also including Android and Apple. If you are on Android then go to the App Store and download the NDTV app. If you are on Apple then go to the iOS store on your iPhone and download the NDTV app.

Check election results online :

The third method to track elections is go through Google. On your laptop or desktop or cell phone, search for ‘Election Results’ or ‘Election Results 2019′ or a variant of the keywords on Google search.

Google will display the all update results of the elections as they come.

Another method to track elections is go through social media. You can follow NDTV on Twitter on our official handle and @ndtv for live election results every 10 minutes. You can also use the hashtag #ResultsWithNDTV to update track real-time updates on the election results.

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